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Destination Guide

About Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is an administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational centre of independent Ukraine.
According to a legend three brothers — Kiy, Tsheck and Horiv and their sister Lebed founded Kiev on the right bank of the Dnepr River. It was named Kiev after the senior brother Kiy. The majority...

Theaters in Kiev

The history of Kiev dramatic art goes back to the antiquity. Nowadays there you can find approximately fifty theaters, about ten of which have the national status. The most famous theatres of Kiev are the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, The National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater, Taras...

Sights Of Kiev

Kiev is one of the more beautiful cities in Europe. Golden-domed churches, great cathedrals and ancient monasteries, picturesque parks, wide avenues and squares, museums and theatres — all these attractions wait for you in one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Museums Of Kiev

Former beautiful churches and nobility's residences in Kiev are now housing various museums that are considered to be the richest museums of the world, now all of them are accessible to the art connoisseurs.