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Airline Tickets to Ukraine

Optima Tours offers you special fares for international flights from the USA to Ukraine and from Ukraine to the USA as well as for domestic flights within Ukraine.
We have airline reservation systems and sell regular published fares for major airlines from all over the world.
Because of our specialty we have discounted consolidator fares for such airlines as Finnair, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Delta, Swissair, Lufthansa, and others to and from the US and Ukraine. If you plan to start your trip in the US or even if you want to get special rates for tickets for somebody who will come to visit you from Ukraine we offer you the best deals.
For American customers who want to get their tickets in the US we offer two possibilities: one — we use FEDEX services for guaranteed delivery of air tickets to your place or you can easily pick them up in our New York City office.
We accept all forms of payment — credit cards, bank transfers, checks and cash.

To book airline tickets, please visit our web site clicking on the link below: Flights to Russia